WJJD Nursery Ltd (Play & Learn Nursery and Pre-School) VACANCY!!! *DEPUTY MANAGER NEEDED* Qualification: Level 3 and above Experience and Creativity are vital criteria
WJJD Nursery Ltd (Play & Learn Nursery and Pre-School)                                                                       VACANCY!!!                       *DEPUTY MANAGER NEEDED*                       Qualification: Level 3 and above                      Experience and Creativity are vital criteria

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Play & Learn Nursery stands for educational specialists, wholehearted commitment and comprehensive child care.

Increasing demands are being made on child care facilities, since all parents want the very best for their children, right from their very first learning experiences.


In addition, there is now a marked trend towards intellectual education for children, but still children also need to play, move and get enough exercise.


Our nursery achieves both objectives by offering space for moving around, plenty of opportunity for play, a small library and various facilities for creative activity.


Our aim is to develop each child's knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EFYS)


We offer free government places for 2,3 and 4 year olds

and provide a drop off and pick up service from schools!


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07903 277258




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WJJD Nursery Ltd

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