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Parents Involvement

At Play and Learn nursery, we know that your priority is to find a nursery that offers the right setting for your child and one that also understands the importance of earning the trust and confidence of you the parent.

We recognise how important it is to keep parents informed as much as possible. We communicate our news and views regularly to parents via e-mail or nursery newsletters. These are published regularly throughout the year.


The importance of continuity between home and the nursery cannot be over stressed. Our aim is to develop an honest open and supportive relationship with you which complements life in your home rather than contradicts.

We are very aware of your influence as a role model for your child and without your extensive knowledge of your child we would be unable to enhance your child's development.


Our Nursery staffs are always available to discuss your child and their development. We welcome parents to express their suggestions and ideas for improvements at the nursery.

We ensure to work closely with parents that, they are happy with their children's education and feel that their views and opinion are acted upon.

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